Mercedes Engine Service

Don’t leave your Mercedes Engine Service to just anyone.  Whether in Mississauga or nearby areas, Right-Tech Auto Repair and Service has the experience and knowledge to work on your Mercedes Benz engine.

Mercedes A Service

1998-2003 Mercedes-Benz model years are programmed to prompt for A Service after every 16,000 km. A service message will display at 16,000 km, 48,000 km, 80,000 km, etc. As of 2003, Mercedes models service intervals changed to 20,000 km.

At Right-Tech Auto Repair and Service, we perform an oil and filter change at each Mercedes-Benz service interval.  We suggest Oil Change Service every 10,000km. When we perform the Oil Change we will do a complete inspection of the rest of your vehicle.  Following our service, the service light is reset using our factory diagnostic tool.  We provide complete Mercedes Benz engine service.

Mercedes B Service

1998-2003 Mercedes-Benz model years are programed to prompt for B Service after every 32,000 km. A service message will display at 32,000 km, 64,000 km, 96,000 km etc. Model years 2003 and newer saw the service cues increase to 42,000 km. On top of the oil and Filter Change, we work with you to review your vehicle’s history.  We offer advice based on the number of kilometers driven and how the vehicle is being used.

When performing B Service everything in an A service inspection is addressed.  As well we will:

  • rotate tires
  • replace dirty engine air filters and cabin filters
  • add fuel system and oil system cleaners
  • inspect front and rear end suspension components
  • perform a climate control function test

The B Service is designed to ensure that your car will be reliable and will perform at its best for the next 32,000 km.

Due to years of knowledge and training with Mercedes-Benz vehicles, Right-Tech Auto Repair and Service in Mississauga suggests a transmission interval service once every 96,000 km on model years 1996 to 2007 with the 722.6 transmissions. These transmissions on some E Class Models will have noise and/or metal in the transmission oil pan or filter.

Thank you for the opportunity to provide engine service on your Mercedes-Benz at Right-Tech Auto Repair and Service in Mississauga!