Mercedes Brake System Repair

With our knowledge of Mercedes Benz, we can do it all.  Come to us for Mercedes brake system repair services.  Our experts can fix any problems or issues.  Easily located in Mississauga, we also service the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) for all of your Mercedes Benz brake system repair needs.

Are Mercedes brake system repairs critical? Of course! Your brakes keep your family safe.

Are Mercedes Benz brake parts and repairs expensive? They can be. Not if you go to the person who knows how to fix your Mercedes at a fraction of the cost.  Right-Tech Auto Repair and Service knows how to perform the job well and at a good price.

Mercedes brake rotors, unlike domestics, are built with minimal thicknesses to save weight.  This means they can’t be “turned”; they must be replaced.

With progress in technology and braking performance capabilities, your Mercedes vehicle is top of line. Enhanced tools and service methods will be used to keep them at their best. Top quality and OEM parts will  prevent inner decay and in the long run extend their life span.  Right-Tech Auto Repair and Service has the tools and the skills needed to make brake system repairs on Mercedes Benz.

Save money on Mercedes brake parts and repairs with these tips:

Over-stressed rotors and drums can break. Brakes may be too worn or damaged to stop your Mercedes in an emergency.  The longer you delay fixing brake problems, the more you increase the cost of doing so.

Badly worn, warped or over-heated rotors can damage wheel bearings and the complete wheel hub assembly. These parts often cost as much or more than the brakes themselves.

Even if you like doing your own work, your Mercedes brakes should be examined by a Mercedes expert. Checking brakes for “run-out”, warping, wheel bearing play, among others, are more involved than can be done in your garage. This check can also expose hidden problems that could in time become costly or unsafe.